LINE-UP 2021

Alex Murray-Leslie


Alex Murray-Leslie

“The Un-making of the self”

By Dr. Alexandra Murray-Leslie, featuring filmic and performative articulations by Panja Göbel, Kinga, Michelle Rasmussen (wears hair art by Ingunn Schumann Mosand), Harold Bredholt, Jetta Frost, Berke Ince and Samrridhi Kukreja. Costume performance by Dinu Boddiciu. “FEED-BACK instruments” made by Øyvind Brandtsegg, Alex Murray-Leslie, Kaspar Lasn. Bioplastics used in instruments developed by Alex Murray-Leslie. The bioplastics research project is part of "MakingIsThinking: PERFORMING OCEANIC ARCHITECTURES OF MARICULTURE" with project collaborators Nina Haarsaker and Maria Azucena Gutierrez Gonzalez. Feedback instruments and bioplastics research and production is supported by NTNU SO funds to promote artistic development work at NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Talk title is informed by the forthcoming book: “It’s not Personal: Post 60´s Body Art and Performance” by Susan Best, Bloomsbury Academic, Bloomsbury Publishing, London, 2021.

Chicks on Speed


Chicks on Speed

Chicks on Speed: YELL-Echo

Chicks on Speed: Melissa E. Logan and Alex Murray-Leslie

with collaborators:

Tina Frank (live visualisation)

Luca Salomon Sauerwein (beat boxing, vocals, synths and piano) instagram: @lucasalomusic

Dance artists: Amalia Wiatr Lewis and Kinga

Amalia Wiatr Lewis dancing filmed by Srinavin Kumar Raja

Zoom dance featuring Amalia Wiatr Lewis with Rikke Helbo, Noah Bakken Holt-Seeland and Yinlin Kong, camera by Annett Bush, filmed at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Penguin filters by Yinlin Kong

Penguin Jam players:

Yinlin Kong

Anders Johnsen

Xinyu Zhang

Shu Da

Thea Tokstad

Jiaqi Wang

Yanping Yin

Magne Elholm

Samrridhi Kukreja

Okujagu Diepiriye

Douglas Gordon shaving, filmed by Adi Nachman

"Vaccinate me” guest lyrics written by Ted Byfield music production Christopher Just

Arctic Rabbit music video:Yoshi Sodeoka, music produced by Christopher Just

Good Weather Girl, vocal production by Captain Mustache

The Internet written by VooCha: Melissa E. Logan & Nelly Ellinor

Costumes by Dinu Bodiciu, Eye catsuit by Peggy Noland, Overalls for All by Chicks on Speed and Jeremy Scott

Feedback Instrument by Øyvind Brandtsegg, Kaspar Lasn and Alex Murray-Leslie, research and development supported by NTNU

Eyebrow Instrument by Samrridhi Kukreja, made as part of the research project grant "MakingIsThinking: PERFORMING OCEANIC ARCHITECTURES OF MARICULTURE” led by Alexandra Murray-Leslie, Nina Haarsaker and Maria Azucena Gutierrez Gonzalez, supported by NTNU SO funds to promote artistic development work at NTNU.

Sound research for Melissa E. Logan is supported by Musikfonds, Neustart Kultur project funding, NRW Kultur.

COS thank ChampdAction: Raphael Malfliet, Istvan Leel-Össy and Ann Andries.

Chicks on Speed performanceYell ECHO at Alter Ego, 27th march 2021. Alter Ego: artistically led by Marko Ciciliani, supported by ChampdAction/TIME CANVAS @deSingel

Chicks on Speed are multidisciplinary cultural producers. They are pioneers in the cross pollination of Pop Music, Performance Art, Fashion and New Media.

Over the past 20 years, Chicks on Speed’s founding members Melissa Logan (USA) and Alex Murray-leslie (Australia) have worked between the worlds of Music, Art & Fashion, creating their own GESAMTKUNSTWERK.

Formed at the Munich Art Academy in 1997, they propelled themselves into the world of music, as a commercially functioning pop act, with a special mix of irony & electronic beats. They’ve collaborated widely in the world of Music and Art and media developement, with great artists and institutes as diverse as Thoughtworks, , Burton Snowboards, Douglas Gordon, Francesca Hapsburg, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Karl Lagerfeld and ZKM’s Peter Weibel.

They also have published books, regularly give talks and perform at international festivals.

In recent years the group’s activities culminated in a series of large scale Live-Art performance extravaganzas, staged at key global museums and art events, including the 55th Venice Biennale, Centre Pompidou, MoMA, FACT Liverpool, Ars Electronica Linz and Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

Christof Ressi


Christof Ressi

Christof Ressi is a composer, arranger, software developer and multimedia artists from Austria. As a composer, he works in various fields of music such as contemporary classical, jazz, dance/theater or experimental electronics. Besides writing instrumental music, he has a keen interest in interactive live-electronics and audio-visual art and is currently working on an extended series of pieces exploring the artistic potential of video game programming. He arranges music for all kinds of ensembles and instruments, including big band and orchestra. Together with clarinet player Szilard Benes he regularly performs as a duo, playing both audio-visuals compositions and improvisations. His music has been performed all over the world, e.g. Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico, Japan, China, UK, USA and South-Africa. He has won several prizes and his computer music work has been featured at international conferences such as klingt gut! symposium on sound in Hamburg or NIME – new interfaces for musical expression at Virginia Tech. He has been part of the artistic research project GAPPP ( at the IEM in Graz.

© Silvio Rether

Ezra & Odis Babski


Ezra & Odis Babski

Ezra Babski (1997) is a Belgian-American visual artist and musician, and a master student in Sint Lucas Antwerpen’s Master in Digital Arts program. In his research, he is primarily concerned with the relationship between musical culture and technology; his thesis will deal with the history of algorithmic composition in music. This year, he is also beginning a research project into the uses of machine learning for sound generation.

Odis Babski (1997) is a visual artist currently based in Antwerp.

Combining elements from video, sculpture and performance, he produces work that explores narcissism, reflection and the relationship between the image and the construction of the self.

© Drew Leventhal

Karel Stulens


Karel Stulens

Karel Stulens (*1997) is a Ghent-based composer of new arts and music. His works range from orchestral and chamber works, mainly with performative and multi-media components, to interactive video’s.
Research and questions on stereotypes, traditionalism and institutional mechanisms are at the foundation for creating new work. Stulens sees the concept of composing as working with components. By this, his work is often communicative with the global archive, phenomenons from our contemporary society as well as found footage (mainly from the internet).
In 2018, Karel Stulens was the first selected composer of the SOV Composer’s Academy of Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen. With this selection came the creation of his first orchestra piece EXPIRED.
In 2019, this orchestra piece was selected to represent the Flemish Region at the World New Music Days 2020 in New Zealand. Due to the current global COVID-19 crisis, the festival is postponed to 2022.
In 2019, he was one of the selected composer’s to write a new piece for The Interstring Project at the Crossroads International festival of Contemporary Music, Salzburg.
This piece became iPhone Ensemble. A performance-lecture in which the performing ensemble, guided by a Steve Jobs-like moderator, create endless new Neue Musik by using their iPhone’s filled with stereotypical samples. iPhone Ensemble is a project Stulens is currently developing further in different formats.
Karel Stulens took part in many different courses e.a. the Darmstädter Ferienkurse, Champd’Action.LaBO, Bijloke Summer Academy, Musiques et Recherches etc...
Masterclasses given by Lisa Streich, Johannes Kreidler, Raphael Cendo, Lucia Ronchetti, Marco Ciciliani, Oscar Bettinson etc...
He is finishing his master degree in Composition at KASK & Conservatorium in 2020 under guidance of Dr. Daan Janssens.

Kinga Jaczewska


Kinga Jaczewska

Kinga Jaczewska (Warsaw, 1991) is an Antwerp based artist. She studied dance, performance and choreography in schools such London Contemporary Dance School (UK) Northern School of Contemporary Dance (UK) and most recently P.A.R.T.S (BE). Since her graduation Kinga continues to develop her work own which aside of performance includes video work, installation, photography and text.

Kinga is also active as a dancer and performer and has been most recently involved in work by Ayelen Parolin (BE/AR), Rosa Omarsdottir (IS) or Karl Van Welden (BE).

© Wannes Cré

Nadar Ensemble


Nadar Ensemble

game over v0.5 for clarinet, e-guitar, motion sensors and computer game

by Christof Ressi

New Notations 

by Remy Siu

Since its foundation in 2006, the Flemish new music ensemble Nadar has become a familiar presence in the new music circuit. As often in this generation of new music ensembles, it started as a group of young musicians, gathered around a shared passion for contemporary music, and more specifically for innovative current developments. Taking their name from the pseudonym of author, balloonist and photography pioneer Gaspard-Félix Tournachon (1820-1910), hints at a deliberate maverick attitude, which they share with the artist whose name they borrowed. Their artistic mission firmly embraces specific aesthetic positions, involving alternative concert settings, electronics and particularly multimedia. There are three aspects that appear to identify the particular position that Nadar occupies: their aesthetic preferences, the way they develop a performance practice that goes way beyond each musician mastering his or her particular instrument, and perhaps most importantly: the way the organization of the ensemble reflects a true collective spirit. Although renowned for their involvement with multimedia-based technology (Michael Beil, Stefan Prins, …), it is but one of the many ways in which the ensemble has explored alternative concert settings. Nadar makes it a point to develop a dramaturgy and scenography for their concerts and deliberately takes the listening experience into unfamiliar areas, incorporating hot air balloons (Michael Maierhof) or a program focused on a fictious artist (‘Lesaserma Pokhunakhis’). Again, the Nadar ensemble appears preoccupied with extending the experience of music beyond the conventional boundaries of the stage: into digital media, into alternative performance situations, or even into fiction. Whether theatrical, multimedia-based or otherwise, Nadar places performativity at the core of their artistic practice, developing their affinity with cutting-edge musical developments in combination with dramaturgically devised settings, that maximize the potential for reconfiguring the audience experience. This commitment can be described as a particular musical ethos, which is also reflected in the ensemble’s internal organization: a true collective spirit. Sharing that artistic identity with younger generations of musicians has emerged as a significant part of Nadar’s mission, which resulted in the yearly Nadar Summer Academy for musicians and composers aged 14-20 (in collaboration with MATRIX New Music Centre) and the Nadar Summer School at deSingel (Antwerp) for emerging composers. The Nadar ensemble has performed at the most important international stages and festivals, including the Internationale Ferienkurse für neue Musik (Darmstadt), Festival Musica (Strasbourg), Tzlil Meudcan (Tel Aviv), Donaueschinger Musiktage , Acht Brücken (Cologne), Ultima festival (Oslo), conDit (Buenos Aires), Tampere Biennale (Finland) and Platforma (Moscow). In Belgium, they are artist in residence at Concertgebouw (Bruges) and a frequent presence at deSingel (Antwerp), de Bijloke (Ghent) and Transit (Leuven). In 2016, they were invited to curate that edition of the SPOR festival (Aarhus). Their discography includes a live recording of Nadar’s 2012 concert at the Donaueschinger Musiktage with works by Kreidler, Prins, Pasovsky and Schedl (NEOS). EXIT F by Michael Maierhof for four hot-air balloons and ensemble is released on Migrorecords, and Fremdkörper #1 by Stefan Prins was released on a monographic CD on the label Sub Rosa. Nadar’s recording of In Hyper Intervals is featured on Johannes Kreidler’s portrait CD at Wergo. Recently, recordings of Mirror Box Extensions, Infiltrationen 3.0 and Generation Kill by Stefan Prins feature on a highly acclaimed monographic CD/DVD set (Kairos). 

Maarten Beirens


Pieter Matthynssens

Thomas Moore
Kobe Van Cauwenberghe

Dries Tack
+ Wannes Gonnissen (sound)

© Stefan Prins

Olivia McGilchrist


Olivia McGilchrist

Olivia Mc Gilchrist (she / her) is a white French-Jamaican multimedia artist and doctoral candidate exploring how colonial legacies extend their reach to Virtual Reality (VR) technology. She has exhibited in Canada, Jamaica, the USA, Brazil, Germany, Norway, Austria, France, Switzerland, and the UK. Building on her experience as a white Euro-Caribbean, and research in the portrayal of her hybrid identity within contemporary Jamaican culture, Olivia explores how this can be represented in VR.

Olli Tapio Leino


Olli Tapio Leino

Olli Tapio Leino is a computer game studies and philosophy of computer games scholar focusing on materiality, experience, emotion, interpretation, and performativity in computer games and playable art. His recent publications include an article on the technological specificity and playful practice in Mahjong in Games & Culture (2017) and an article on the neoliberalist underpinnings of computer games in Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds (2016). Leino and Dr Sebastian Möring (University of Potsdam) are exploring the avenue of 'existential ludology', focusing on the methodological implications of the world-likeness of computer games. Leino's ongoing Hong Kong GRF-funded research projects include 'From Game Arcades to eSports Arenas: Understanding the cultures of competitive computer gaming in Hong Kong' (2018). Leino teaches courses on computer games and philosophy of technology, mainly for MA in Creative Media and MFA in Creative Media programmes.

Remy Siu


Remy Siu

Remy Siu 蕭逸南 (b.1990) is a composer and new media artist based in Vancouver, BC (located on the unceded, ancestral, and occupied traditional lands of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Səl̓ílwətaɬ (Tsleil-Waututh), and Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) Nations of the Coast Salish peoples). Recently, his work has involved the construction of automated and variable performance apparatuses that employ light, sound, software, and the body. He is interested in creating friction and stakes between the performer, the interface, and the system through the use of game mechanics and failure. His output spans chamber music, dance, theatre, installations, and audio-visual work. He actively creates with Hong Kong Exile, Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien, Vicky Chow, Howie Tsui, Theatre Replacement, and others. His work has been presented at PuSh International Performing Arts Festival (Vancouver), The Music Gallery (Toronto), Centre for New Music (San Francisco), Power Station of Art (Shanghai), Tai Kwun Contemporary (Hong Kong), Vancouver Art Gallery, MUTEK Montreal, artsdepot (London), MATA (New York) Gaudeamus Muziekweek (Utrecht), The International Symposium On Electronic Art, and more. Remy studied at Simon Fraser University Contemporary Arts with David MacIntyre, Owen Underhill, and Barry Truax. He has also studied with Rodney Sharman. He is currently the Co-Artistic Director of Hong Kong Exile, the Director and Manager at the Gold Saucer Studio, and Curator-in-Residence at Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong. During 2017-201X, he will be one of two Composers-in-Residence with the National Arts Centre Orchestra (Canada). In 2019, he was nominated for the Gaudeamus Award.

© Remy Siu

ABOUT 2021

ChampdAction & deSingel present

Time Canvas 2021 - Free online edition - Alter Ego

An online festival at the intersection of experimental music, performance, and game/artistic research.

Time Canvas is a new interdisciplinary festival (normally on one day - due to corona online spread over three days) curated and produced by development and production platform ChampdAction, located at deSingel.

The project is artistically led by audiovisual artist and composer Marko Ciciliani.

With this festival at the intersection of experimental music, artistic research, game philosophy, and performance, ChampdAction aims to make a stimulating contribution to the development of and reflection on recent interdisciplinary practices.

The program consists of a mix of lectures and performances revolving around the central theme "Alter Ego" as well as some presentations by participants of the ChampdAction.LAbO 2020 projects that focussed on the same theme.

- - -

online Time Canvas festival

- - -

Time Canvas 2021- GRATIS ONLINE EDITIE - Alter Ego

Online festival op het snijvlak tussen experimentele muziek, performance en game/artistieke research.

Time Canvas is een jaarlijks thema festival, gecureerd en geproduceerd door het ontwikkelings- en productieplatform ChampdAction in coproductie met deSingel.

Door corona wordt het (normaal ééndaags) festival dit jaar uitzonderlijk gespreid over 3 dagen en online gestreamd via de platformen van ChampdAction en deSingel vanuit de Theaterstudio.

Audiovisueel artiest en componist Marko Ciciliani heeft de artistieke leiding van deze editie in handen.

Met dit festival op het snijvlak tussen experimentele muziek, artistiek onderzoek, game filosofie, en performance, wil ChampdAction een stimulerende bijdrage leveren aan de ontwikkeling van en reflectie op recente interdisciplinaire praktijken.

Het programma bestaat uit een mix van lezingen en performances & creaties van gasten uitgenodigd door ChampdAction rond het centrale thema ‘Alter Ego’ aangevuld met enkele presentaties door deelnemers van de ChampdAction.LAbO 2020 projecten die eveneens focusten op dit thema.



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Introduction theme ALTER EGO - Marko Ciciliani

ChampdAction.LAbO/interview -- Karel Stulens

Lecture Dr. Olli Tapio Leino

Performance Nadar Ensemble / works by Remy Siu & Christof Ressi


Round Table Discussion | Dr. Olli Tapio Leino + Nadar Ensemble, Christof Ressi & Remy Siu


Introduction theme ALTER EGO - Marko Ciciliani

ChampdAction.LAbO/interview -- Olivia McGilchrist

Performance Chicks on Speed


Introduction theme ALTER EGO - Marko Ciciliani

ChampdAction.LAbO/interview -- Ezra & Odis Babski

Performance lecture Alex Murray-Leslie

Performance Kinga Jaczewska


Post performance talk | Kinga Jaczewska