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ChampdAction.LAbO/interview -- Ezra & Odis Babski

Ezra Babski (1997) is a Belgian-American visual artist and musician, and a master student in Sint Lucas Antwerpen’s Master in Digital Arts program. In his research, he is primarily concerned with the relationship between musical culture and technology; his thesis will deal with the history of algorithmic composition in music. This year, he is also beginning a research project into the uses of machine learning for sound generation.

Odis Babski (1997) is a visual artist currently based in Antwerp.

Combining elements from video, sculpture and performance, he produces work that explores narcissism, reflection and the relationship between the image and the construction of the self.


Ezra & Odis Babski


26, 27, 28 MARCH 2021 | online


Desguinlei 25 / 2018 Antwerp



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