"not the center"



“not the center” - liquids. lines.


not the center is a group of five artists creating time based work through the mediums of sound and movement. They met at ChampdAction.LabO 2021, a laboratory for young creators, organized by the Antwerp-based production platform for new music and interdisciplinary arts ChampdAction. After a successful premiere of ‘Liquids. lines’, their first creation as a group, in DE SINGEL, they decided to start a collective and develop their work together further. They now create site specific performances concerning the relation of the human to their environment. Through their work they wish to re-evaluate the position of the human within their context, and let the voices of different spaces surface. not the center is formed by: Cèlia Tort Pujol, Leonie Strecker, Myrthe Bokelmann and Roma Gavryliuk.

Cèlia Tort Pujol (*1995) is an oboist and performer based in Amsterdam. In her own work, she is focused on redefining the role of her instrument by linking it to theatre, visual arts, dance and new contexts of music creation. She is also centered on spreading the oboe repertoire through collaborations with composers from all over the world. 

Leonie Strecker (*1995) is a composer and media artist living in Graz. In her work she focuses on the intersections between musical composition, sound art, performance and installation. She is particularly interested in the connection between acoustic and visual forms, as well as in exploring the performative qualities of sound. 

Myrthe Bokelmann (*1998) is a dance maker and performer based in Antwerp. Here they are researching bodily relations to the environment and the other-than-human. Through this research she wants to shift hierarchies within these relations and challenge the rigidity of its boundaries. 

Roma Gavryliuk (*1997) is a sound artist, composer and performer living in Graz. His current interest focuses on the interaction between movement and sound, finding ways to relate the sonic content of space to the changes taking place in its physical properties, and the impact of these processes on an audience or participants.

“Our work reflects the input of each individual within the collective, as we all come in with our own specialisations. However, we want to blend and cross the boundaries of the mediums we feel most comfortable in. To step into this cross-disciplinary space allows us to imagine a broader spectrum of possible output, and opens up each of us to ways of thinking that are new to us. As we go along exploring our relation to environments (which can feel extremely broad and existential at times) we find great importance in grounding ourselves to the current time and place. We do this through our friendship, which lies at the base of our collaboration as artists and is therefore an important element within our work process”.

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"not the center"

Cèlia Tort Pujol -SP- 

Leonie Strecker -DE- 

Myrthe Bokelmann -NL- 

Roman Gavryliuk -UA-