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game over v0.5 for clarinet, e-guitar, motion sensors and computer game by Nadar Ensemble

Round Table Discussion | Dr. Olli Tapio Leino + Nadar Ensemble, Christof Ressi & Remy Siu

Christof Ressi is a composer, arranger, software developer and multimedia artists from Austria. As a composer, he works in various fields of music such as contemporary classical, jazz, dance/theater or experimental electronics. Besides writing instrumental music, he has a keen interest in interactive live-electronics and audio-visual art and is currently working on an extended series of pieces exploring the artistic potential of video game programming. He arranges music for all kinds of ensembles and instruments, including big band and orchestra. Together with clarinet player Szilard Benes he regularly performs as a duo, playing both audio-visuals compositions and improvisations. His music has been performed all over the world, e.g. Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico, Japan, China, UK, USA and South-Africa. He has won several prizes and his computer music work has been featured at international conferences such as klingt gut! symposium on sound in Hamburg or NIME – new interfaces for musical expression at Virginia Tech. He has been part of the artistic research project GAPPP (www.gappp.net) at the IEM in Graz.


Christof Ressi


26, 27, 28 MARCH 2021 | online


Desguinlei 25 / 2018 Antwerp



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