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Performance lecture Alex Murray-Leslie

Post performance talk | Alex Murray Leslie & Kinga Jaczewska

“The Un-making of the self”

By Dr. Alexandra Murray-Leslie, featuring performative articulations by Jeremiah Day, Michelle Rasmussen (wears hair art by Ingunn Schumann Mosand), Harold Bredholt, Prof. Susan Best, Jetta Frost and Ted Byfield. Costumes by Dinu Boddiciu and Einar Grinde. Sound track made with Einar Grinde and Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir. “FEED-BACK instruments” made by Øyvind Brandtsegg, Alex Murray-Leslie, Kaspar Lasn. Bioplastics use in instruments developed by Alex Murray-Leslie, Samrridhi Kukreja and Einar Grinde. The bioplastics research project is part of "MakingIsThinking: PERFORMING OCEANIC ARCHITECTURES OF MARICULTURE" with project collaborators Nina Haarsaker and Maria Azucena Gutierrez Gonzalez. Feedback instruments and bioplastics research and production is supported by NTNU SO funds to promote artistic development work at NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Talk title is a quote taken from the forthcoming book: “It’s not Personal: Post 60´s Body Art and Performance” by Susan Best, Bloomsbury Academic, Bloomsbury Publishing, London, 2021.


Alex Murray-Leslie


26, 27, 28 MARCH 2021 | online


Desguinlei 25 / 2018 Antwerp



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