Hans Beckers

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La Floresta Part 1 - Hans Beckers

Gele Zaal

Hans Beckers (°1986) studied Multimedia Arts at the School of Arts (KASK) in Ghent. His work is mainly focused on sound, installations, music and performances, but he also makes drawings, etchins and compositions for theatre, video and performances. In his work he tries to find a balance between music and visual arts. Using self-made instruments, he shows how objects that are not generally considered fit to play music on can in fact become musical instruments. His performances are a combination of composition and improvisation, where he plays a whole range of materials rhythmically, melodically and harmonically.

In his new modular installation LA FLORESTA, Hans Beckers investigates the relationship between nature and technology, between man and nature. He creates visual sound instruments that are motorized and mechanically driven. The technology amplify the natural sounds. How do natural materials such as stones, sand, grains, seeds sound in relation to sound art? How can archaic instruments such as the bullroarer, membranophones, lithophones, rattles or rasps influence contemporary music? How do we experience nature and sound in this technological era?

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Hans Beckers